Regatta Scores

 TMYC Scored Regatta 1-15-2018

We were extremely fortunate to have 5 skippers from the Mesa Tillerman’s club come down to Tucson today to race in the January scored regatta.
A number of skippers had mechanical problems. Leland Doorenbos had a major servo malfunction, as did Al Wendler from Mesa after the 1st race. Don Lucas had poorer than usual finishes with ongoing sheet problems and Jim Menson also had sheet problems, though managed not to miss a race.
Ray Dagenais, the perennial Mesa Vic champion and past National Victoria Champion bested the best TMYC skippers on the day…. Though it wasn’t that easy, nor a run-a-way by any means.
Since Leland’s boat could not sail, he volunteered to be race director for the day and race an efficient and organized regatta. He just couldn’t get us much wind for the 1st hour or so.
Ray started with a 1st, but that cooled off, and he didn’t get another 1st until the 6th race. Last months club champ, Jerry Robertson got off to a horrendous start, with a 5-3-4 in the first 3 races, but scored two 1st in the next 2 races. Bob Spraker was steady with a 2-2-1-2 in the first four, but a 5-4 in the next two knocked him down. It was a three horse races after 7 races, with Ray at 13, Bob 12 and Jerry 16. Kirk was still within striking distance at 20; all using 1 throw out.
But Ray sealed the deal with back to back wins in races 8 and 9 to basically put the regatta out of reach. Kirk Welker finished a strong 4th, with Jim Menson very close in 5th.
In the first four races we had four different winners!! Marc Koenig took a 3rd in the first race, but fell back after that.
Many thanks again to the Mesa Skippers who drove down and to Leland for being race director.
The TMYC monthly meeting was held after at the 19th hole, with drinks and eats.
Bob Spraker
Race Director


TMYC Scored Regatta 12-18-2017

The wind was forecasted at 0-1 mph…. so, we thought that the regatta might have to be cancelled!
As it turned out we had some wind in the 3-6 mph range, with just a few patches of 0-1 mph. It was difficult and frustrating sailing, but enough wind to get off 12 races.
We had a 3-way tie for 2nd place!!! It was a highly contested for 2nd place and not decided until the final tally at the 19th hole. Marc got the nod for 2nd, with two 1st places finishes compared to Sue’s and Leland’s one. Leland gained 3rd place with 3, 2nd’s, compared to Sue’s two. Very, very tight racing.
Jerry Robertson won the regatta hands down… no surprise here. After the first four races, we had four different winners, but after that, Jerry posted eight straight wins to take it running away.
Chris Winters was challenging throughout, until some bad info from the race director caused him to round the mark on the wrong side (he was way out in front) in the 6th race. Jon Mulhberg placed 2nd in the third race, but retired with boat problems after race 6.
Even though Jerry Robertson won the regatta, and will get the Intergalactic Cup, my vote for skipper of the day is Marc Koenig! Marc is a new member and had is best regatta finish ever. Winning 2 races against Robertson is no small feat. Marc is just starting to ramp up his sailing skills and has ol’ 70 back in winning form. Marc should be challenging the leaders for months to come.
Participation was down due to the Christmas holiday, so the rest of you need to compete next month.
It was a great day of sailing, under cloudy skies with some wind, although quite shifty. Winds were constantly changing up to 180 degrees at the start.
The TMYC monthly meeting was held after at the 19th hole, with drinks and eats.
Bob Spraker
Race Director

TMYC Scored Regatta    10-30-2017

I was very pleased to present the 1st monthly “TMYC Intergalactic Cup” to Sue Winters yesterday.

It was a highly contested regatta and at the break after 6 races, Dave McVey was soundly in the lead and it appeared that he would walk away with the cup. Dave sailed smart and was in 1st by 8 pts over Kip North and 10 pts over Sue. During the first 6 races we had 4 different winners, with Dave winning 3, Kip 1, Sue 1 and Marc Koenig 1.

But it’s not over till it’s over! Sue stormed back and won the remaining 4 races and ended in a tie with Dave McVey at 30 pts each. FOUR IN A ROW! Sue’s throw outs were higher than Dave’s by two pts. And she won the regatta by a net score of 15 to Dave’s 17. Very close. Kip North was third, sailing a very smart and consistent regatta, with one 1st and four 2nd’s.

The “pack” was also very close. Only 7 pts separated fourth through seventh place.  Chris Winters came in 4th with 29 pts, followed by Marc, George and Rolf. And even though he finished last, Leland was frequently leading races and up with the lead pack.

It was a great day of sailing, under cloudy skies with wind, although quite shifty. Challenging and friendly competitive, a good time has had by all.

The TMYC monthly meeting was held after at the 19th hole, with drinks and eats.

Bob Spraker

Race Director


TMYC Scored Regatta 4-24-2017

The weather forecast was for 15-20 mph winds from the southwest. When we started, the wind was 0-10 mph from the south or west or north and then the southwest, with a little bit of easterlies mixed in… yes, it was from everywhere! At the weather mark, boats would frequently tack 2 or 3 times without moving their rudders; extremely difficult maneuvering conditions.  

The wind did build, finally settling in from the southwest as predicted, blasting the fleet with 20 mph in the 6th race. It was unanimously decided to call the regatta at that point, with 2 boats retiring with broken side stays.

Starts were important as always, but not as important as tacking or changing sail positions with the very shifty winds.

Spraker and Robertson battled for the #1 position in almost every race. Dave McVey posted a 3rd & 2nd in the first two races, then had mechanical problems and then retired from the baking sun, finishing 5th on the day with 4 no finishes. Doorenbos started slowly in the lighter winds, but picked up steam with the stronger breeze, finishing a respectable 3rd on the day. North never really got untracked and Buckley didn’t have any breakouts from the middle positions; they finished 6th and 4th respectively.

Lee also didn’t get untracked and though he had several strong starts, couldn’t close the deal and picked up the rear for the day.

Skipper of the day???

It was hard to say who really stood out from their usual finishes, so I humbly declare a 3-way tie, with Spraker, Robertson and Doorenbos as skippers of the day.  As stated, Spraker and Robertson battled for 1st, with the actual races much closer than the scores indicate and Leland has moved up to a consistent top finishing position. Well done in difficult conditions.

Bob Spraker

Race Director


TMYC Scored Regatta 3-20-2017

It was a hot day for March, so we tucked under the trees on the south side of the fountain. The winds were light and variable, with some 180 degree shifts within a race. The wind shifts kept everyone guessing and fighting to stay out of the holes.
The very light and shifty wind caused a delay in the start of the regatta and also caused a number of pile ups at the start and at mark roundings. One particularly bad pile up was at the windward mark on race 4, with a 4 boat “raft”, that lasted what seemed like 5 minutes.
Buckley, Doorenbos and North locked horns most of the day, finishing 4th, 5th and 6th respectively.
Jerry Robertson had an off day for him, not getting off the starting line well in most of the races and getting tangled at marks with the “pack”. Gary Lee had a 4th in race #2, but struggled with the light air most of the day.
Jim Hanson only raced 3 races, and had a stellar run in race #4, finishing 2nd, just behind Secker.
Spraker and Secker battled all day, with Secker obviously getting the best of it. Fred had a couple of beautiful “port tacks” at the start and ran away from the fleet in those races.
Skipper of the day was Fred Secker!!
Fred just “out smarted” the fleet, with excellent starts and good tactics. Unfortunately, this will most likely be Fred’s swan song and last regatta here in Tucson. We wish Fred and Maggie happy trails to England and Spain.

Bob Spraker
Race Director


TMYC Match Race Regatta    3-6-2017


Another beautiful day to be on the pond. Winds were in the 4-8mph range, with plenty of shifts and gusts to challenge all the skippers. The racing format was a windward-leeward course. Skippers drew numbers from a hat and then were assigned a position in the 12 man, double elimination match race bracket. We managed to get all 22 races conducted in 1 hour and 20 minutes. All skippers were “ready to go”, with minimal delays.
Skippers in general liked the one-on-one format and stood around to watch all the races. We ran 2 races at a time, with 2 minutes staggered starts until the final 5 races, where only 2 boats were on the course at a time. The non-racing skippers cheered on their “favorites”, which was usually the underdog, shooting out advice and encouragement; with the occasional “ohhhhhhh shit” when an underdog boat hit a mark or went into irons.
Some of the key upsets were #17 beating #70 in the 1st round and #813 beating #52 in the 3rd round. Jerry Robertson had to do a penalty turn in round 3 against #26 that cost him the race and was disqualified in race 18 against #70 for touching a mark. Jerry graciously accepted his penalties and was voted “sportsmen of the day”.
Skipper of the day was Bob Buckley! Nobody would have been surprised to see #0, #70 or #26 in the final race, though Buckley in #813, worked the brackets, beating Dave McVey twice in close racing and advanced to the final via the consolation bracket. Buckley had a poor start against #26, closed the gap, though came up a little short in the end in the championship race, losing to #26 by about 5 boat lengths.
1st Bob Spraker #26
2nd Bob Buckley #813
3rd Dave McVey #52
4th Fred Secker #70

Bob Spraker
Race Directorelations


TMYC Scored Regatta    2-20-2017

A beautiful day!! The winds were light and variable, with some gusts up to 8 mph. The wind shifts kept everyone on their toes, negotiating the upwind legs and trying not to get caught in the holes.

George Campbell raced in his 1st scored regatta and had “one good race”, where he finished 4th.

Dave McVey had rigging problems and had to sit out 5 races, so he finished far lower than normal.

Mogens Ravn sailed steady and was much more in “the hunt” than in previous regattas.

Buckley and North were in “the good, the bad & the ugly” column, with several “good” starts each, though neither could hold on to their leads and had some “ugly” mark rounding’s and often got on “the bad” side of major wind shifts. Both had lower finished as compared to previous outings, finishing 5th and 6th respectively.

Spraker started out with a bang and won 4 of the first 6 races. Robertson finished strong, winning 3 of the last 4 races, but could not catch Spraker on points. Secker sail fast as usual, winning 2 races; finishing 3rd.

Skipper of the day was Leland Doorenbos!! Leland sailed strong and was frequently up with the leaders.

Leland beat Spraker once and both Robertson & Secker twice (and he let us know than at the 19thhole). Leland finished 4th in the regatta, his highest finish in the past 2 years. Well done Leland.

Bob Spraker

Race Director


TMYC Scored Regatta 1-30-2017

The wind was just about as predicted, starting out around 6-8 mph and dropping throughout the day to the 2-5 mph range. Jerry Robertson started out with a bang and ran away with the first 4 races. Spraker and Secker made some adjustments and actually made a competition of it, but neither one could catch Robertson.
Steve Lehrer, Spraker’s brother-in-law, was a guest skipper using a Spraker boat and finished a respectable 5. Lehrer and Leland actually tied with 38 points, though Lehrer got the nod with two, 4th places to Leland’s one. Dave McVey was also in the thick of the hunt early on, though faded in the last 3 races and finished 4th.
Skipper of the day was obviously Robertson. His most impressive race was #4, where Spraker protested him at the start. Robertson did his 360 in light air (was nearly last then) and proceeded to tear around the course, beating Spraker in the end by about 50’.

Bob Spraker

Tucson Model Yacht Club – Scored Regatta – 12/19/2016

The forecasted winds of 10-12 mph from the east never showed up! Instead, we had light and variable, mostly from the Northeast, at 1-4 mph; a pleasantly warm day, but lots of racing frustration with the lack of wind. It was a challenging day to say the least.
Fred Secker started off the 1st race with a perfect start and ran away from the fleet, with a huge lead at the finish. Personally, I thought it was going to be a long, slow day for #26 after that waxing… but things changed, as they frequently do in racing.
Throughout the day, there were a number of lead changes and dog fights between Buckley, North, Kane, Doorenbos and McVey. Bob Buckley showed signs of brilliance and unfortunately at times, his lack of experience. But in my opinion, Buckley was the Skipper of the day placing 3rd in only his 3rd scored regatta ever, having built his very competitive boat just this past September. Kip North and Mark Kane tied for 4th place, with North taking 4th with one more 3rd place over Kane. Leland finished a close 6th, with his highlight of the day coming in race 5. He had an excellent start and led most of the race and finished 2nd, with #26 getting a lucky shift at the end to nose him out. Dave McVey, Garry Lee and Steve Boyle all had to leave early, so unfortunately for them, they all had to eat a number of DNS.
Bob Spraker and Fred Secker battled it out all day for the top spot… with Spraker getting incredibly lucky, getting almost all of the wind shifts. The epitome of Fred’s luck occurred in race 7. He all but had the win, when his main sheet came untied about 15’ from the finish line and #70 had to limp home; with #26 and #813 sneaking in before him.
Many thanks to two of our newest sailors; Marc Koenig, score keeper and line judge, and Rolf Sennhenn, mark judge. I think we had a couple “over earlies” and a number of “mark touches”, but as I recall; no yelling.
And of course, the biggest highlight of the day was the very smart talk with adult beverages at the 19th hole.

Bob Spraker
Race Director